Step up Learning Centre, is an English conversation school that was established with the aim of creating affordable and effective private and group English lessons for children and adults who wish to learn English as a second language. This is a small, friendly and personal English service that provides the highest quality English education under the direction of an experienced native English teacher.
We offer a wide range of services that caters for everyone’s needs, whether it’s free flowing conversation, general English conversation or professional business English lessons. We are a well-respected English teacher that offers lessons to students in Japan and all over the World with the aim of improving their English skills.



Kid's English Lessons


Would you like to learn English conversation with a native English teacher and acquire the ability and confidence? Choose a lesson location that suits your lifestyle, such as online lessons, your home, cafe, or our classroom in Yokohama, at a reasonable price.

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Learn English Online at Step Up Learning Centre

Online English lessons

English lessons in our classroom

Dispatch English lessons

English lessons offered



Kindergarten English lessons

Are you looking to increase your child’s chance of success in the future?

Fun English lessons that aims to achieve a high standard in a relaxing environment.

Elementary English lesson

Elementary English lesson

The lessons for elementary school students are not only for beginners, but we also use textbooks to teach children how to have general conversation whilst mastering the basic English skills.

Exam Day

Junior and high school English lessons

We offer one on one and special group classes for children over the age of 12 years old; these classes follow the “More” series that helps improve all key areas of learning English.

Learn Business English Conversation with Step Up Learning Centre

Business English lessons

In today's life it is getting more important to prove that you can communicate in English at a high level. English has and will always be an important tool in the business world with multinational companies and globalization.

Happy Office Talk

Adult onversation lessons

Do you wish to revise your English, or start to practice your general English conversation skills to feel more at ease when speaking the language or travelling abroad?

Let's enjoy studying English together!

Children English lessons

Participate in English lessons according to your child's English skills. There are classes from kindergarten / elementary school to middle and high school students. Lessons will be held in a safe environment. We will use fun and active educational materials for children that you can enjoy not only at the lesson but also at home.

Adult English lessons

We will use a variety of textbook and teaching techniques that suits your purpose, but we will teach you how to enjoy every day English conversation. Such as current affairs and entertainment and pay attention to the grammar in everyday conversation.

Business English lessons

We offer business English lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced English speakers. We will provide engaging lessons that helps businesses communicate in the international markets.

Private English lessons

One of the important things in learning English is to communicate with native English speakers. In my lessons, you will be able to communicate and correct your English pronunciation and grammar.



He will teach you very carefully and easily. A gentleman who loves his native England, loves Japan, loves his family, and loves his students. The price is reasonable and you can choose a lesson location that suits your convenience. First, we recommend a trial lesson.



Due to the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus infection, we try to thoroughly sterilize and ventilate the classroom, and pay attention to physical condition management, temperature measurement, etc. However, even though we are still in the end, we would like to flexibly respond to the form of the lesson so that you can take it with confidence.

1. Wearing a mask and taking lessons as usual.

2. Online lesson using Skype.

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